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Goodbye for Now

Since early September, I have had the privilege of studying in a course called A Critical Survey of Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice in Canada. Ever since attending the Civil Liberties and Public Policy conference in Amherst, Massachusetts ( last April, reproductive justice has been the framework in which I attempt to synthesize the world around me. Deconstructing hierarchies is a part of living and surviving daily for me. Picking apart, criticizing, and breaking down all of the ‘isms’ rampant in our world is the only way I can exist in it. Without ‘queering’ everything, I cannot carve a space out for me to live healthily and happily. I think these last few months have given me the tools to do just this, and to really strive for understanding within my relationships rather than the world as whole. I think I’ve come to accept that the world is just too big to understand and make sense of all the horrendous things that happen. Understanding the system(s) and how they impact my life and my relationships is enough for me to make sense of the things happening around me.


As this term comes to and end, I`m beginning to realize that I have learned an infinite amount about myself, and I think I`ve really begun to understand how the world impacts me, and how I it. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to take this course, because its not like we often talk about abortion and reproductive justice at Canadian Universities. That`s something that needs to change, and its something that has changed by all of us radical folks coming together and making this course magnificent.


Blessings always, especially as we delve into the darkest season of the year. Stay bright and work for justice!


Hey people of the interweb-universe!

I am taking a wonderful Independent Studies course at the University of Waterloo called “A Critical Survey of Abortion Rights and Reproductive Justice in Canada”. Each week, I will be reading, learning, and experiencing new things in the realm of RJ and blogging about it. I want your feedback, ideas, anger, happiness, sorrow and opinions- because we all know I’ll sure be sharing enough of each of those things.

Before I start to get into my goals and plans for the course, I need to state that as I sit here on my lap top drinking delicious tea, I am living and breathing on a land base that is stolen. The Haldimand Tract, which comprises six miles on each side of the Grand River from source to mouth, was promised to the Mohawks of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy for their role as military allies to the British. Since, it has turned into the suburban nightmare all us white folks benefit from. Working within an RJ framework and trying my best to understand privilege, its important to put these things out there right away.

One cannot ‘undo’ history. White people do our best sometimes to forget or remove ourselves from this history of oppression, hate, greed and colonization.  Stop it. Stop removing yourself. By you, being here, right now, with white skin and white privilege means life is easier for you because this land was conquered. The reason we as white people have power is because historically we have stolen that power from others. Let’s fucking talk about it for once.

I want to frame this course as more than just ‘academic conquest’ and reaching for University-like learning. Let’s face another fact: academia isn’t accessible. I want to use this opportunity to blog as a means of activism and community outreach. My other community-based projects are always ongoing, but too are not accessible to everyone. I hope to photo-document things going on in my RJ community and share them with you, in the internet community. By blogging about activism and specifically reproductive justice (RJ) I hope to allow this course, and my experience within the course to be available to those who are interested regardless of other factors that could make these things inaccessible.

**On this note, I realize not everyone has internet access, or even access to a computer. To quote a favourite ally of mine, “Do what you can, in the place that you are, with the things that you have”. And that is precisely what I am trying to do. Nothing it seems can be 100% accessible to everyone- lets talk about it.

I hope we grow through each other by practicing love, acceptance, justice and experiential learning during these next months.

Blesses always,


I dislike these ‘about you’ sections on websites. I can tell you what ever I want about myself, and tell you intimate details about my beliefs and loves, but in reality you probably don’t know me. All you know about me is this little tiny sliver of myself that I am choosing to put on the internet.

To satisfy the interweb masses:
I’m a privileged cis woman. I identify as queer (specifically, pansexual if you must know) but have been in a relationship with one amazing human being for a long time and by looking from the outside in, we seem anything but. I’m a pagan (no. I am not going to cast a spell on you, or curse you, or practice animal or human sacrifices) which means I hold the earth and all of Her appendages as part of one whole, sacred and Divine being. Yes, I hug trees, get over it. It really should go without saying- but I am a feminist. If we want to get all categorical here, I’m willing to self-identify as a radical eco-feminist. My definition of this needs to be saved for another day and a larger text box space. I’m a vegetarian. It was possibly my first ‘activist’ endeavor. Giving up my mom’s (gotta love that icky gender stereotype) spare ribs was tough shit when I was 7, but since, I have only continued to gain a growing love and adoration for other animals (yeah that’s right, I just referred to humans as what we are: apes) and refuse to condone their suffering for my taste buds. I’ve had a life partnership with horses since I can remember, they guide me in the right direction and are the only living beings that can really make all the badness in the world disappear. I love reading, art, music and being outside. I am a tea and book connoisseur. I try to combat and problematize capitalism and consumer culture by being a die-hard craftivist. That means that crafting to me is more than just art: its reclaiming lost and devalued women’s work and turning that righteous anger into thoughtful community-based initiatives. I also have mad respect for the magnificent women who have come before me, carving out spaces in the world where I am now allowed to exist uninterrupted.

I want us all to get along, with other humanoids, the Earth, and the wonderful lives we share Her space with. But frankly, justice needs to be done first.

Let’s find justice from a place of REAL understanding. None of this I-know-what-you-need-better-than-you-do-because-you’ve-been-oppressed-BULLSHIT.

Blesses from me to you, always.